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Welcome to our Media Resources page, a comprehensive hub designed with a single mission: to illuminate the path to liver health through education and awareness. Here, we merge compassion with innovation, offering a wealth of resources tailored for everyone from patients and healthcare professionals to the curious minds seeking to broaden their understanding of liver health and the miracles of living donor liver transplants. 

Our journey is not just about facing liver disease; it’s about transcending it through the power of knowledge and the strength of our shared stories. Whether you’re here to learn, to find support, or to contribute to the cause, you’ve taken an important step towards a future where liver health is within everyone’s reach. Together, let’s transform lives, one resource at a time.


Sharing With Respect and Integrity

Our media resources are a shared treasure, meant to inform, inspire, and invoke action towards a healthier tomorrow. We invite you to utilize these tools with both care and creativity, under a few guiding principles:

  1. Respect for Brand Identity: When using our logos and branding materials, please ensure they are presented in a way that maintains the integrity and recognizability of our brand.
  2. Educational Use: We encourage the use of our resources for educational purposes, be it in academic settings, healthcare seminars, or community workshops. Elevating liver health literacy is a collective endeavor.
  3. Media Integrity: Alterations to our materials are not permitted without prior consent. This ensures the accuracy and consistency of information related to liver health and donation.
  4. Advocacy and Support: If you’re championing liver health or living donor awareness, our resources can amplify your message. We’re here to support community initiatives that align with our mission.

Your respect for these guidelines ensures our resources are used in the most impactful way, spreading knowledge and hope far and wide.

MEDIA Contact

For media inquiries regarding National Living Donor Day celebrated on April 11, Living Liver Foundation and its initiatives, connections to living donor pairs listed on our resources page or in your local market, please complete the contact us form and we will be in touch to help you easily spread the word.

Dave Galbenski

FAQs: Your Questions, Answered

Living donor liver transplant is a surgical procedure that allows a healthy person to donate a portion of their liver to someone with liver failure. The liver’s unique ability to regenerate allows both the donor and recipient’s liver segments to grow back to full size, typically within a few months.

 Becoming a liver donor involves a thorough medical evaluation to ensure you’re in good health, have a compatible blood type, and your liver is the right size for the recipient. The process also includes psychological evaluations to ensure donors fully understand and are prepared for the donation process.

Absolutely! We encourage the use of our media resources for promoting liver health and living donor awareness. Through educational campaigns, social media sharing, and community engagement, you can play a vital role in spreading this crucial message.

Our website offers a wealth of resources, including support group information, educational materials, and links to reputable health organizations specializing in liver care. No one should navigate liver disease alone, and we’re here to ensure you have the support and information you need.

By embracing these resources, you join a community committed to making liver health a priority. Together, we can save lives, inspire donors, and offer hope to those in need.


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